This is the strange thing that Yuya always carries in her bag

If you thought Yuya only carried makeup in her bag, this will make the image you had on her completely change. A few hours ago, he shared through his stories on Instagram, a video in which he first made fun of his 'horrible' shoes, and then showed the unusual object with which he always travels everywhere.

It is a tape measure. We know that Yuya loves the whole question of interior decoration and is always making improvements to her home, so a tape like this becomes her right hand in case she bumps into something she likes.

Did you imagine Yuya carrying something like that in her bag?

If you think @yuyacst only loads makeup in your bag, this will make your head explode ... pic.twitter.com/FdX47H9qaB

- Celebs Stories (@Psico_Estefany) April 15, 2019

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