Exercises so that your bubis do not look down

When we decide to get in shape, we always think about getting rid of those little markets that have settled on our waist, of reducing thighs and of reaffirming buttocks. But we never think of our bubis, although these are not made of muscles, there are muscles around them, that if we exercise them they will help us to make them look firmer and prettier.

So if you don't want them to start looking flabby, it's time to create an exercise routine for them. Always remember to warm up before and start slowly so as not to hurt yourself. Ideally, do three sets of 5 repetitions each and with each exercise and increase as you gain strength.

If you don't have dumbbells, it doesn't matter, it's no excuse to let your bubis lose firmness. Fill two small bottles of soda with dirt or pebbles and go.

Remember to always keep your back straight to avoid injury and for the exercise to take effect.

The advantage of all these exercises is that you will not only reaffirm the area of ​​your chest but also your back and arms. So you will have more benefits than you expected.

You do not need to have gym equipment. You can buy some leagues in any supermarket or do this exercise while holding something heavy.

Super simple and mega effective.

Come on, you can!

You're almost done!

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