Makeup for your eyes that should accompany you to the club

The girls look for any event to make us a super elaborate makeup; However, weddings or graduations are not as frequent. Fortunately, there are Fridays or Saturdays at the club where you can get ready.

If you are a club girl, you should take advantage not only of being able to put on makeup, but of doing it in a colorful and ultra extravagant way. To start changing your look we leave you some ideas to inspire you to improve your style.

An intense red in your eyes will make them the center of attention. Well, red is an attractive color, so everyone will notice your new makeup.

If you feel that red is too intense colors go perfect with you, we also recommend an orange, which is a color similar to fire.

Violet is a cold color and not very colorful, but ultraviolet is one of its most penetrating tones. Also if you have brown eyes they will look hazelnut.

As we said, you can use to use colors that you don't usually use. Why not a green one? Most of the shadow palettes have it and surely yours has this shadow intact.

Pastel colors are old fashioned, but if you feel able to make a combination with different pastel colors, then you go! They are discreet and the combination will be simply beautiful.

Gold is a color that reflects glamor and if you want to see yourself unapproachable, I recommend using shadows or eyelids that resemble gold ...

... or rose gold, which is also characterized as a glamorous color.

We all know that a round trip can merit a smokey in your eyes, but if you want to vary a little, instead of using the typical brown or gray, you can add a more vibrant color like red or yellow.

The holographic effect has gone viral among the world of makeup and the truth is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to add rainbow colors and this image can serve as a guide.

Remember that getting crazy at the time of your makeup is sometimes the best option, you can choose random colors and create a tremendous makeup. Follow your instinct and let your hands make you the best groomed place.

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