Beach outfits that you can use in the city

It is not necessary to go on vacation to the beach to use beach outfits. These garments can be worn without any problem in the city. So if you will spend your vacation in the city but want to get into mood relax, then check how you can do it.

It is easy, simple and fun. Take out all your beach clothes and enjoy this warmth.

If you have a pareo style cardigan, don't get depressed and use it. Look how cool you can get to look with him.

Put on your cutest bralette and add any shirt over it. But be careful, don't fasten the buttons, knot it off the ends and now.

Beach hats are not prohibited in the city, so take it for a walk.

Spaghetti Straps! use them for mercy, in addition to the sun in the city you will get a good tan.

Your favorite accessories will have to be a hat and sunglasses, wear them with everything.

Don't keep those wide and semi translucent pants. Put them on and feel fresh and free.

I know that when we are at the beach, we feel more comfortable wearing bra-style tops in the street. But that the buildings of the city do not limit you, you have every right to wear them.

This will be my most recurring outfit.

Use your bralettes in ways you never thought.

Do you have a translucent pareo? Wear it over shorts and any blouse.

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