How to be the girl that attracts all the boys

Do not think badly, it is not a superficial and superfluous thing, but attitudes that we need to improve as people in general. And you can't be fine with others if you're not fine with yourself. And this also applies to the world of the league. If you want to be more attractive in the masculine world, some things will have to be polished, which will ultimately benefit you in many other aspects of your life.

Have your own opinion

You have a voice, use it! Giving your opinion will make you feel more secure than what you are saying, something that men appreciate very much. Also when you express all your ideas or opinions (even in networks), everyone will notice how interesting you can become. Do not leave the reins of your life to someone else.

Learn to say 'No'

I don't know why we still want to please everyone, even if our happiness goes away. There is nothing wrong with saying no, you are neither rude nor negative. Saying 'no' simply demonstrates your safety. So stop wanting to look good with everyone.

Don't feel better than other girls

We say phrases like "Women of today are all the same." Maybe you mean you're different from the rest, but that's rude to other girls, because we're all amazing. Treating or speaking badly about others will make you look ugly in front of other boys' eyes.

Be empathetic

This is something that I would have liked to be when I was 15, because the world does not revolve around you. Obviously you are a valuable and important girl, but you must be aware of the world around you. Not everything is about the physical, the mind and the spirit make you a good human being. So leaving selfishness behind is a super valuable quality.

do exercise

It's okay to fight for your ideology that there is no perfect body, and indeed it does not exist! Your body is a temple and taking care of it will not only attract boys, but it will be good for maintaining healthy physical and mental health.

Eat well

As the last point, I do not say that there is a perfect body, but being in good health is somewhat sexy. Eating well will not only give you a better body, skin or hair, it will also make you feel mentally clear, you will avoid bad mood and you will be more relaxed with the boys.

Fix as you want

The word "girl" is no cliché. We don't all love putting on makeup, pink, high heels or brand clothes. Do not let others tell you how to dress, comb or make up. Wear the clothes you like, make up or not, wear short or long hair. Be yourself! Don't wait for the boys to fall in love with your outside, if you don't love yourself inside.

Have a life

That your life does not focus on the boys and yes on personal goals, they will make you as an unattainable girl that many will try to conquer. Obviously you should not be super intense in your plans for the future, live the present and treat those who are friendly.

Think how you want

Of course, many girls dress or dress the same, but personality, mentality and identity is what attracts the most. The ideology is personal and each girl is a different world. Because being beautiful likes, but think autonomously. Love!

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