Casual and cool outfits with black skinny jeans

The black skinny jeans are a basic garment that every girl should have in her wardrobe, and the reasons are simple: they are comfortable, if you get dirty there is not much problem and combine with absolutely any other color.

Combining vivid and explosive colors are an excellent idea to create a personality-filled contrast. You can choose from pastel tones, to neon.

Bomber jackets are very comfortable and perfect for rainy days.

Proof that lace up t-shirts are the soulmate of black skinny jeans.

This style looks very cute thanks to the sweatshirt 'off shoulder'. You don't need more to look amazing.

If you have net socks and you hardly use them for not knowing how to combine them, here is an idea of ​​how you can incorporate them into your looks.

T-shirts with black and white patterns are an excellent idea to combine with this style of jeans.

If you go to a party, the 'all black' style is a perfect option.

A perfect look for the university. It is elegant and casual at the same time.

A very cute and feminine style.

Black and white, you don't need more.

Which one do you prefer?

Video: How to Style Basic Black Skinny Jeans 5 Ways. WHAT TO WEAR (April 2020).