The 9 types of Selfies that your Instagram cries out

Instagram is one of the girls' favorite networks, because we can upload many of our activities, in addition to being able to see the daily lives of our favorite people. Although few believe it, Instagram is like any Dior, Gucci or Chanel designer, as it is responsible for creating trends for everyone.

You can create fashion from the terms invented as hashtag, hearts, and so on; even trend in the types of photography that you can upload to it. A clear example of this are the following 9 types of selfie that you surely did not know.


The traditional selfie was the first to become popular. We do not remember how fashion began, but it consists of a simple self-portrait, that is, photographing yourself. Absolutely all millennials have done it, either at puberty or until today, because it will never cease to be a classic.


So shocking was the “selfie” phenomenon that began to give life to other types of terms. From the word "drink" which means drinking and from the word "selfie" came "drelfie", which, as both words indicate, consists of self-portraiting while intoxicated.


These acronyms mean "Outfit of the day", which in Spanish is something like the clothes you put on that day, because literally that is, upload a selfie where you can see the clothes you are wearing.


The helfie lies in an image taken from your own hair. In general, these selfies are very common in celebrities or bloggers who change their hair, dyeing and cuts constantly. Even artists like Shakira, Beyoncé or Jessica Alba have joined this trend to popularize it.


This word has not been as popular as her mother, Mrs. Selfie. Refers to a selfie where two or more people appear in the photo. So you know what new word to use when you and your best friend take a selfie.


This new term has become popular thanks to Rihanna, Jenner and Scarlett Johanson. It consists of a self portrait where your butt can come out. Although few girls have dared to use this type of selfie, the English-language Oxford dictionary has accepted the term "belfie."


Although the term "Sunday Selfie" in Spanish sounds the most basic, this selfie hashtag is one of the most popular today, surpassing 12 million photos with this word. So prepare your camera for the following Sunday.


Also known as "MorningSelfie" refers to the selfies we take just raised. You may have seen several artists such as Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus or Cara Delevingne using this type of selfie and viralizing it, because girls should love each other naturally (yes of course).


The last term of which we have knowledge is of the famous “groufie” that was popularized in the Oscars by Ellen Degeneres's selfie with the winners. She did not invent that kind of take, but the word was founded from there.

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