Signs that what you really like is an HDP

All women sooner or later and inevitably we end up nailing with a guy who is not exactly the best match for us ...

And if we do not make the decision to remove it in time from our lives, it is certain that we will end up hurt. That is why here I leave some clear signs and strong evidence that this crush, friend, date or boyfriend you really have is an HDP and not someone who suits you.

Note: HDP = Child of # $% &

Instead of asking you to say good night, he asks you

In fact, many times they haven't even known each other for a week and he already wants you to send him your whole pack ... Pathetic!

Always try to control you, and when he does not succeed ... tantrum like a little girl

Not feeling that he has power over you makes him feel helpless.

He feels with authority to choose with which friends you can go out and with whom not

A true HDP is one who wants to feel the owner of another person so they can decide on them, run away!

It makes you feel like you're crap when you get jealous

If a friend likes you or does it happen to you, he starts telling you things like: "You are just playing with me", "you are unfaithful", "you are easy", etc ...

He just wants to be heard and never pays attention to what you say

Trying to listen and pay attention for more than 30 seconds is impossible. But yes, poor you if you do not hear it.

He is envious with his money and time

Simply put, he doesn't like to share.

He literally has a personality with you and a very different one when he is with his friends

Did you watch the movie 'Fragmented'? ... Watch it and you will understand what I am saying.

Always highlight your flaws instead of your virtues

He has never told you a compliment! And he always judges you for the things he thinks you should change your personality.

It leaves you in sight (on purpose)

Just to get on his stupid ego.

He wants to make you feel "as if he did you a favor" by being with you

This obvious is done to lower your self-esteem and thus have you eating from his hand. Do not fall!

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