Tricks to stop doing drama for your ex

The girls take the term of a relationship in different ways depending on the type of breakup, some are left with a good memory, others with a bad taste in the mouth and others wanting to kill someone. But no matter the type of break or how you feel about it, the drama it generates is the same and therefore the things we have to do to return to normal, are the same.

Delete contacts

We all know that it is uncomfortable not to accept the requests of your boyfriend's friends and accepting people who really do not even interact with you on social networks. Then when you finish with your boy you also end up with a lot of contacts on your wall that can post photos with your ex that will bring you all kinds of feelings of hate, horrible longing or simply indifference; but even so, it is best to eliminate them, what are they for?

Get rid of your gifts

When you are a boyfriend of a boy any kind of cursilería seems cute and we begin to collect a lot of gifts because it makes us think how much he loves us. When things do not work with that boy, those gifts begin to become things that only bring us memories that we do not want in our lives, so it is recommended that you give away those that are servible or throw away those that are not, it is something like a depuration.

Listen to another type of music

If the songs that your ex boyfriend dedicated to you were enough and they are the type of songs that you frequent to listen to, you can choose to look for new music, there are always new and very good albums and artists. Anyway you can listen again to the music you love in what heals the wound so you will not begin to hate it forever.

He frequents new places

There is never a day when your friends want to cheer you up, they invite you to go to that bar or club where you used to go with your ex boyfriend, you end up remembering everything that happened and in your drunkenness you want to mark him to return with him Noooo! If you want to have a good outing and have a good time, I recommend looking for new places, so you can meet new people and have other experiences.

Return your things anonymously

If a boy has been with you for a long time, it is very normal for him to leave some things in your house, such as clothes. If one day you break up with your boyfriend for years, you will surely keep many of his things and many of you will stay at his house. So if you want to avoid a drama to get them back, just forget it and return your things with a trusted friend or simply send her things anonymously because they won't even help you in your room.

Stop spying on him

Obsessing with him, with what he does and with whom he goes out will only torture you and delay the exit of your life. So eliminate it from all sides and dedicate yourself to yourself and only you. Do not put more excuses and send it to oblivion.

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