14 Selfies you have to take using a chair

A simple chair can give you the best and sexiest selfie ever. If you have no idea how to take advantage of it, these photos will surely inspire you to get yours. Choose the chair that you like the most and the one that looks most comfortable and start practicing.

Recharge both elbows on the legs and lean a little to take a selfie like this.

The street benches also work. Such a pose you can't let it pass.

Show off your shoes in a different way.

A super sexy angle of your legs.

Take a picture of the reflection.

There are a thousand ways to go out posing in a chair.

You can also opt for a more artistic approach.

Climb both feet to the chair.

While you are in the beauty salon.

If you have enough elasticity.

Incredibly sexy and subtle.

This is definitely my favorite.

With your best friend.

Showing off the abdomen.

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