Girls I would pay them to help me fix my room

Absolutely all the girls have that internal fight between "I want to fix my room" and "Well ... better tomorrow" It's very real! Even that fight crosses our barriers and you end up fighting with your mom who keeps telling you to pick it up, as if you didn't have things to do like watching Facebook, videos on YouTube or nonsense that we do unconsciously to avoid picking it up.

Anyway, if you do not get an inspiration to pick up your room, here I leave you several perfect and well-arranged rooms, which I would literally pay for someone to devote my room and leave it the same as them.

That I fix my desk, so I would even do the homework with great pleasure, even I could do more productive things like studying even if it is not an exam and those other things that tidy girls do.

The drawers of my desk, it would also be a great help, because it happens to me many times that I am looking for something and like everything I throw there, I get distracted by everything and end up forgetting what I was looking for.

Sort my things in general, maybe more than one of us has a shelf, shelves, wardrobe or something to have our things stored and although at first we strive to put order, after two days it is more messy than my stomach after seeing my EXBOYFRIEND.

A boho decoration in my room, which inspires me to create art, meditate and all things that have to do with relaxing.

Armchair picked up, well maybe many of us do not have an armchair in the room but at least we have a chair, which is where we end up throwing clean, dirty clothes or that we plan to wear sooner or later.

A comber where I was inspired to put on makeup, where I found my favorite lipstick and not end up blaming my sister or my mom.

Pick up my clothes rack, where I throw my sweaters after school, the clothes that I will not always wear (because I change two or three times a day), among other things that can be hung like bags, headbands, and so on.

My makeup arsenal ... OK! I don't have such an arsenal of makeup, but if I had it I would like it to be neat and everything is in its place.

My shoes My damn shoes! That make me fight a lot, because although they don't believe it, we exist girls who lose pairs of shoes seriously, as if they were socks, they disappear from nowhere.

My closet in general, everything, from makeup, shoes, clothes, accessories and bags; and although I don't have an entire room to be my closet (nobody has it) I would like my current room to be and I just slept in my "fourth closet", like Harry Potter.

Sort my maiden department, I have faith that when I live alone I will take away the messy and I will have a well-arranged department, to be able to invite whomever I want.

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