I wish we knew when is the last time we see a person alive

I wish we knew when will be the last time we see a person alive ...

It would be good to look him in the face and know if life will give us another opportunity to share words, moments or simply give one last kiss, and not be left with the desire to show him more. That's exactly what I mean, please before you leave let me give you a kiss so loaded with feeling that it is able to hold us together until the future brings us together again.

I close my eyes and dream of holding your hand, squeezing tightly, feeling you, looking into your eyes and recording that look knowing that there will be no more. I want to try to get to the idea that you're leaving, that I won't see you anymore, but I can't. I ask only to say goodbye to you, on this earth, conscious, to love you consciously, pamper yourself consciously and take care of yourself consciously, like the one you most.

No, I don't want this that has happened to me for anyone else. It is hateful to see you laugh and enjoy, well healthy and the next day have to get to the idea that you are no longer. Let fate play its cards, but let it know before throwing. It's all so unfair to the one who deserves more ...

Now I just want to ask you not to stop shining, your star never goes out, and that as the nights go by you differentiate yourself from the rest of the stars a little more. Let me chase your trail with my gaze and let me also feel close to you, as if you had never left, and turn to you as usual to talk to you and know how you are. Promise me you'll take care of yourself.

Our star, never leave us, never let go, take care of us more than ever and don't go away anymore. Sounds almost impossible but make each moon notice, I'm not afraid, I'm sure that your kiss every night will not be missing.

There are voids impossible to fill, memories impossible to erase, and loves impossible to forget. And you, you are one of those who, without being, will always be.

Thanks to: A Wonderful Corner

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