10 movies on Netflix that will make you and your friends die of laughter

We already have enough drama and horror in our daily lives to only watch movies of these genres. Sometimes we need something that makes us laugh until the jaw hurts, I know it is not a simple thing to find a good movie that achieves the goal.

That's why I bring you a list of the films guaranteed by me for you. Enjoy them and laugh! What a good miss we do.

My second time

Sandy, 40, is forced to reinvent her life after discovering that her husband was unfaithful. Aram, a 24-year-old boy, discovers that his French wife married him to get residence. Both lead a story more than fun and different about love.

Counting my exboyfriends

Ally has had a very large love life and does not want to continue adding boys to the list, so she decides to look in her long list of ex to the love of her life because she faithfully believes that she has already met him and let him pass. But your fun search will have an unexpected ending.

A large family

David donated sperm when he was young and finds out that he is the father of 533 children and that 142 want to meet him. A fun and different story that you definitely have to see.

Crazy and stupid love

Defended of love in a bar after learning that his wife wants a divorce, Cal runs into a lovely Don Juan who will help him return to the single life. A story that will make your face hurt from laughing so much.

Analyze me

A mobster prone to panic attacks uses a therapist to transform him into a happy and adapted gangster.

Little miss sunshine

A strange and completely dysfunctional family embarks on a van trip to take the youngest to a beauty pageant. I have to accept that I expected little from this movie but it gave me a pleasant and funny surprise.

Crazy about shopping

Rebecca is addicted to shopping, and while struggling with her debts she starts working in a magazine for finance. I know the synopsis stinks, but the movie is what follows good, great and fun.

Bad teachings

Her rich boyfriend has left and now she has to teach in a school in spite of herself. It is one of those movies that you think you can predict, but all you will achieve is love it within a few minutes.

Super cool

Their mission is to buy alcohol with false identifications to conquer girls, but this leads them to a series of strange adventures. From my favorite movies I have to accept.

A night out of series

They just wanted to relive the spark of their marriage and almost died trying. A movie that you don't want to put a pause on how good it is.

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