Virtues and defects you have according to your zodiac sign

Do you think your horoscope has nothing to do with your personality?

Wait and read the virtues and defects that you have according to yours, you may be surprised and start to believe a little more in them.


Virtues: You know how to choose your friends very well, you are cautious, you analyze absolutely everything, you always do things that make you happy no matter what others say, you do everything possible to always take care of your health, you have charisma and security, you are not afraid to explore new roads.

Defects:You explode very fast and you don't tolerate people, you try to do everything your way and you almost don't listen to advice, you find it very difficult to be faithful to a couple, you are extremely sentimental, you have a hard time forgiving insignificant things, sometimes you feel superior to others.


Virtues: You are very responsible, You know how to read people very well at first sight, you are an observer, you know when it is better not to open your mouth to avoid a problem, you know how to express your ideas very well, you have the gift of leadership, you know how to divide your life very well work and your social life (you like to have fun), you are not afraid to face your fears, you have a very peculiar sense of humor, you always pay attention to small details.

Defects: Sometimes you are too slow to do something, you always want things to happen overnight (you don't have much patience), when you get angry you get blocked and frustrated, in your relationships you are sometimes controlling, sometimes you try to change to people, you like gossip a lot, you judge without first knowing people, you keep your emotions.


Virtues: You are not afraid to experience new looks, you love animals and you protect them whenever you can, you have a lot of patience to children, you are extremely responsible, you simply cannot lie, you are very creative, brave, you are direct and sincere, you know very well who does trust your secrets and who does not, you fit and you can interact with different types of people.

Defects: When you argue with someone you can be very hurtful, you like to get into problems that do not belong to you (sometimes with the intention of defending someone you love), you think you are always right, you are half paranoid, you fall in love very quickly with people who they don't suit you, you don't like to be told the truth when it doesn't suit you.


Virtues: You are faithful to your values ​​and principles, you are not false, you like to work to be able to live well, you are open minded, you are educated, you do not leave other people, you are very empathic with people who are going through a bad time, always you make your own decisions, you have a very high sex appeal with the opposite sex, you like to be spontaneous, you have the virtue of being able to make people smile.

Defects: You get angry easily when someone cannot do you a favor, you are very clueless, you are not very good at paying attention to people, you get bored easily and you are not constant, you are depressive when something does not go well, sometimes you can be a Little aggressive, sometimes you talk a lot about yourself and don't let other people talk.


Virtues: You give a lot of peace because you are a very focused, noble, very funny girl, you give without expecting anything in return, you like stability (economic, sentimental, spiritual), you give 100% in all your activities, you always give yourself time To give advice to someone who needs it, you give time to time, you don't care at all what they think of you.

Defects: You like to show off, You like to give advice but not to give it to yourself, you don't say the things you feel at the moment, you are not very organized, when you have problems you take it out on people who are not to blame, you don't like to apologize (Although it was your fault).


Virtues: You do things with a lot of passion, you don't give up easily, you like to collect moments (not things), you know how to seize opportunities, you don't let silly things or people affect you,

Defects: You are not careful with the words that come out of your mouth (sometimes you hurt without realizing it), you excite other people and you don't mind hurting their hearts, you change your mind very quickly, you don't keep promises, you are impatient and anxious.


Virtues: Your sense of humor, calm, non-aggressive, very affectionate, faithful, tidy friend, leader, retailer, faithful, inspire confidence, you like minimalism, you are not spiteful or vindictive.

Defects: You interrupt a lot, you prefer to lie before telling a hard truth, shy, sometimes insecure, jealous (sometimes sickly), you don't face your problems and you prefer to run away from them.


Virtues: Do not stress yourself by nonsense, a bit perverse, realistic, idealistic, you have the power to convince, you like to learn and research on topics you do not know, strong, seductive, flirtatious.

Defects: You don't like to share, sometimes you expect others to do things for you, you are tantrum, manipulative, you don't know how to be alone (you have the need to be in a romantic relationship), you don't easily express your feelings for fear of being hurt, You have a hard time keeping secrets.


Virtues: You like equality and you think that people are not judged without first knowing them, liberal, you are sure of yourself, vain, thoughtful, artistic, zero problematic, shared, direct, really sincere, you take care of your best friends as if they were your own family, defender of people's rights and unable to make an animal suffer.

Defects: You give a lot of importance to the people who think against you, you are not very fan of working (you are a bit lazy), you invent many pretexts when something does not go well, you leave unfinished things, you are afraid to take that first step to a new adventure, sometimes you get less than other people, you lose motivation very easily.


Virtues: Independent, you are good at expressing your feelings, daring, you have a good memory and remember important details of people, you have no problem putting an end to a relationship, you interact very well with people older than you, you know how to set limits, humble and always grateful With the people who love you.

Defects: You don't know how to work in a team, you fall in love and fall out of love very fast, a little aggressive and explosive, sometimes you act before thinking, you are very influential, you are prone to addictions, for you everything is black or white (you go to extremes and you are not looking for something intermediate), you are very linear (you don't like to experiment).


Virtues: Very constant in your work, you like to surpass yourself, you keep your promises, skillful with words, you inspire confidence, you like beautiful things (well done and of good quality), you do not tolerate punctuality, you are a dedicated person.

Defects: You try to solve everything by crying, it affects you deeply when people criticize you, you are not good at showing your love for someone, controlling, blackmailer, volatile in your decisions, anxious and innocent, you regret easily.


Virtues: Good host, you know when someone lies and is false, you are an excellent couple, romantic (old-fashioned), kind, you get along with everyone regardless of their preferences, you are sensitive to the feelings of the people you love, popular, You have a lot of initiative.

Defects: You worry more about the problems of others than yours, you are more emotional than rational, forgive and trust again very easily, you are afraid to carry out your dreams.

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