15 Traumatic things that your bubbies have made you live

Being a woman carries a great responsibility, one of them is to have breasts! And yes, although they make us look very sexy, feel tremendously proud of our body and we would not change them for anything, there have also been times that have made us live quite special situations (sometimes funny, painful or worrisome), such as:

1. When you were a teenager and from one day to another you started growing without warning and you worried a little about not knowing exactly how much you were going to grow. Surely you still remember the pain, discomfort and of course stress that this process caused you.

2. That day you decided not to run again at school because everyone was watching you drooling to see how they bounced.

3. Get angry with them when you think you have to wash bras and the problem is to put them in the washing machine because they get the mattresses and get tangled up between them. You've literally thought about never washing one again in your whole life.

4. That day when you saw yourself in front of the mirror, you realized that one chest is bigger than the other and you began to wander and wander, believing that everyone else would notice and make fun of you.

5. That day you went to the beach and realized 10 minutes after the fault of a wave, you brought the bikini wrong. Teaching absolutely everything to everyone.

6. All those times when you are going to buy bras to lingerie stores and there are men inside the store accompanying their girlfriends or wives. Tell me sorry, but it makes me uncomfortable for other men to see the underwear I will choose.

7. That terrible day when you noticed a small lump in one of your breasts and felt as if time was freezing because of the worry that it would be a bad thing. In my case I had to go to study and fortunately everything went well.

8. The courage that gives you when your favorite bra and how much work it cost you to find, one day without warning is broken! When this happens, you literally feel mourning.

9. All those days when it's cold and you have to cover yourself with the voyeur men.

10. That first time a man squeezed them so hard in the intimacy that it hurt and made you want to hit him in the face.

11. If you have them very large, die of fear that in a couple of years they will end up reaching your belly button and looking towards the floor.

12. Decide to dress casually with a hoodie or sweatshirt, but when you look in the mirror you don't like it because you feel that the sweatshirt makes you look fat because of how big it makes you see because of your breasts.

13. Having spent the whole day in the sun at school or work and staining the sweat shirt in the area of ​​your breasts.

14. If you have large breasts, that moment when you hug another person and try to bend your back so they don't really feel how big you are.

15. Carry a baby and want to grab you as a restaurant with self-service and fight with him to make him understand that you are not his food.

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