15 Apps that will hook your photos for Instagram

Although Instagram is a great application it is not perfect and many times you do not get the photos you really want with it. But calm that today we bring to you 15 applications that will help you have the best photographs of the universe.

Don't settle for Instagram filters, get the most out of your shots with these beauties. You will not be able to believe how you were surviving without them. Now yes, the followers will rain.


An excellent option to make your photos look more professional. Bring few filters but for about a dollar you can buy many more. You can also publish your photos from the application on all your social networks.


If you want to add collages to your Instagram, layout is specially designed for that. And you can publish it on Instagram directly.


If what you want is to creatively edit a video, this application is what you are looking for. It allows you to modify the speed and trim the parts you want.


If you want to get fully into the world of gifs for Instagram, then download this app. It allows you to take a burst of photos that will become a fun gif.


This app has an option for the system to automatically improve your photo if you wish. Or you can add filters and colors to specific parts of your photo.


This app allows you to put up to 27 filters and modify the flash touch on the image. It is super simple to use and you can take advantage of it.


This app is one of the most complete you will find, it allows you to do what you want with your image. You can do it manually and through filters.

Slow shutter

Have you ever wondered how people do to highlight the lights of their photos? Well, this app has three modes, the automatic one, with which you can make images with smoke effect, the manual with which we gain more light, and the light trail where you can get images where, for example, the car lights leave Like a wake

Tiny planet

It is an application that allows you to achieve that “fisheye” effect to create 360º spherical photographs, and it also has a function that also allows you to give photographs the effect that they are small planets.


If what you want is to have a cinematic touch, then this app will give you what you are looking for. That more classic and somewhat vintage touch.


If you want your images to have text, this app has a variety of fonts and colors to unleash the inspiration you have inside.


Do you want to correct your imperfections in the photos without using photoshop? Well, this app has ten tools that will help you look like a magazine.


This app also helps you create collages, but the advantage is that it has more than 200 frames. Thus your possibilities become endless.

Studio design

This app helps you to retouch your photos by creating layers on it, so it is easier to erase those you don't like and add more and more filters.


If it bothers you that Instagram always trims your photos, then you have to download this app. So your best shots do not have to be trimmed, you can upload them as they are.

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