Tips to get perfect in the photos while eating

Have you noticed that whenever you take or take pictures of yourself eating, you don't go out as you really expected? Well it is normal, we are not professionals and have no idea what to do to make our photo look natural, but at the same time worth uploading to social networks.

But the bad photos end here and now, these tips will help you reconcile with the flash and food. Finally you will have beautiful photos with a touch of professionalism.

Relax your hands and cover a part of your face with food.

Narrow your eyes that will give a better expression to your face.

Leave behind the idea that food is not played. If you play and see how.

Even a drink can give you a really cool photo.

Do not stare at the camera, make it look like an infraganti shot but obviously you will be more than ready.

Use your profile and have fun with your ice cream.

There are very subtle ways to look super sensual when eating. Do not overdo it.

Smile and look up and sideways.

Place the straw on your lips but don't close them.

Same with the bottles.

Throw your head back a little.

Place part of the food on your lower lip and gently bite it.

If the cheese drains, take advantage of it.

Play with the shapes you can achieve with your mouth.

If you eat pizza, raise it, look at the effect it gives you.

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