Sexy nerd outfits for you to rain suitors

If you are a girl who loves reading, you like video games, you have an intellectual touch, but you also care about your image and femininity, then the “Sexy Nerd” style will make you very happy! And I want to show you some outfits to give you an idea of ​​how to apply it in your day to day, and look gorgeous!

With this style, you will be the cutest nerdy girl in the world. The boys madly love this look! So in addition to feeling super beautiful, you will steal many hearts and looks.

A super casual style.

Take advantage of the vintage trends returned. With large, boho-colored glasses in your wardrobe, you'll make a perfect outfit.

Don't leave your lips aside! A red passion combined with loose hair, hat and pasta lenses will make you look very attractive!

Add black socks to your wardrobe and combine them this way.

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