6 Tricks to dry the nail polish

The problem is not to paint your nails but to make them dry quickly before any calamity happens and completely ruin them. There are some tricks that will help you speed up the process so that your nails are ready in a very short time.

Cold water

Once you have finished decorating your nails, put them in a container with very cold water. Leave them there for at least a minute. Remember to have the container ready before you start painting or you could damage them in the process.


Put your hands in the freezer for a minute, it will have the same effect as water. It will help the enamel to solidify and you will avoid scratches.

Oil spray

Spray your nails with oil spray, let stand at least two minutes and rinse with cold water. This method is fantastic because it leaves a layer that prevents them from being damaged.


The dryer you use for hair is ideal to dry your manicure in minutes. Make sure the air is not too hot or the dryer too close to your nails.

Quick Dry Enamel

It is the most effective and fastest method, in about 30 seconds your nails will be more than ready.

Waste gas from aerosols

When you finish an aerosol product, there is always gas inside. It is cold and will serve to dry your nails, so do not throw them that you will serve a lot.

Video: 5 Ways To Dry Your Nails Fast! (April 2020).