24 Transparent products with which I will not blame you if you become obsessed

I must confess something ... Since I was a child I have a hobby and almost obsession for everything that has to do with products, clothes, accessories and other transparent things. When I see them, something inside me generates a well-being and tranquility that relaxes me without explanation.

I don't know if anyone else who reads this has the same taste and knows what I'm talking about. It could also be possible that you have it and you have not noticed, so here I leave you some images of transparent inventions that you could love.

Realizing and feeling proud of your strange tastes is what makes life wonderful.

I know there are many skull-loving girls around here, I don't doubt they want to get this bottle.

Possibly what I like most about transparent things, is that although there is a "barrier", it can be seen through it. It is like an optical illusion!

Awww ... The anatomy of a panda of gummies.

Ok, even if you don't like transparent things so much, you must accept that you would love to have this tub at home.

In this category of transparent things, I cannot fail to mention that I also adore emapainted objects (yes I know, I have a little unusual tastes). But I think we all have something that makes us feel good, I would love you to confess your addiction.

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