14 Timberland boots that you deserve for being such a good girl

Timberland boots in the last year have become incredibly fashionable because in addition to being possibly the most comfortable that can be found today, they also have a very swag style that can be combined with hundreds of garments, different styles and Still always look amazing.

Each of them can go from 2000 to 4000 Mexican pesos (approximately), but they are very worthwhile thanks to the material and how well they are made.

Next I will show you some designs and colors that you will surely love, so you could go planning which ones you want and with what pieces of your closet you would combine them.

In my opinion they are worth what they cost, since some can literally last you a lifetime (if you treat them well).

They are too comfortable and perfect to go to school. Obviously, adding to this that gives a very fashionable touch to all your outfit, they are a garment that will never let you down by wanting to see you in style.

White is in my favorite colors top. Sure I would buy these, and you?

And if there is still someone who does not think they look good, see these girls with what style they use them. I love them!

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