28 Times in which North West dressed better than you

With only two years of age, this little girl has already used all the designers' clothes and, for having, she is not a common girl and her outfits will prove me right. I don't know how much her parents have spent on dressing her, but one thing I do know, and her wardrobe is worth twice as much as my house.

Without thinking I would wear the same outfit.

She shows us how to perfectly wear a baggy blouse.

On my next trip to the beach I will copy the look.

Jumpsuits are today and she knows it.

Not everyone carries a stole with that class.

I could never have combined that strange sack.

This look fascinated me for a Halloween party.

She looks good at everything. What envy!

Sweatshirts also have theirs.

Would they dare to copy the look?

I'm dying to have a coat like that, only artificial leather.

Combine the casual with the elegant.

Never lose glamor, even when it is very cold.

Show that transparencies are for any age.

I would look like a monk with this:

She knows how to perfectly mimic dad's style.

That's right, babies can also wear torn jeans.

Those pants are a beauty.

Good taste is also shown on the beach.

And what better to combine with mom.

Because neither doing sports should leave glamor aside.

She knows how to wear male looks without losing personality.

He knows how to use each color for every occasion ...

... And each garment for each climate.

We all need a suit like Nori's.

Leaving natural hair is in fashion.

He has a better costume than me.

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