Reasons why I regret having tattooed

Getting a tattoo is an experience that you will have marked on your skin for the rest of your life, and although I have read many articles about why it is the best thing you can do, today I will give a different point of view according to my experience.

I don't want to scare you, but it's good that you read a different opinion.

Here are my reasons why I regret having tattooed two years ago:

The tattoo artist was unveiled and bad (I think).

I do not doubt that the person who made the tattoo was not a "professional" tattooist and I cannot deny that he does incredible work, but apparently he had gone partying a day before, he had been working for many hours during that day, he was hungry and sleepy . So I think all I wanted was to finish my tattoo to go home. Obviously this causes you a bad experience.

The pain is indescribable.

That's right, there are people who don't have a high pain threshold and that causes you to pass out or even vomit during the session. Obviously there are areas where it hurts more than others, I tattooed in the area of ​​the spine and it was a mistake.

Healing is not a pleasant thing.

After an apparatus was itching and filling your skin with ink, it is logical that you should be very careful so that the wound does not become infected. This is very important, since if the design becomes infected it will not be as you imagined. It didn't happen to me, but the itching it gives you during the first week is horrible.

You get bored of seeing it.

In fact there are times that I would like to see my skin "clean" without a drawing that made me totally unknown.

It's true, not everyone gives you a job.

Depending on your career or your profession, it is sometimes annoying to say that you have a tattoo, since although it is not bad at all, many have prejudices about this. In fact, if you are looking for an important and formal job, you may be rejected.

They didn't let me donate blood.

During that year my sister was admitted to the hospital for a few days and it was necessary to donate blood, but the hospital nurses did not allow it.

The reason and the emotion for which I did it, already went out of fashion.

I tattooed a phrase from a song by The Beatles, since at that time I was traumatized with them, but the truth is that at present I don't even listen to them and my euphoria for them has already passed.

Having to explain is tired.

At the beginning everyone asks you, Where ?, Why ?, How much did it cost you? And you excitedly answer. But after more than two years, you feel like hitting them every time someone asks you.

It is losing color.

The color of the tattoo becomes opaque over time, which is why you should always moisturize it, put on a blocker, bleach, etc. The most advisable thing is that you give a touch up every so often, but the truth is that I do not intend to go through so much pain again just to make it bright again.

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