Exfoliants that will make magic with your battered face

It is not enough to wash and hydrate our skin, it is also necessary to exfoliate it to help eliminate dead cells. I know that some products can hit us directly in the purse, so today we bring you some recipes to make them in house.

1. Coffee and mashed sugar.

Use the remains of coffee and mix them with a bit of mashed sugar until a paste is made. Give a light massage all over the body for ten minutes before showering, it will work perfect to remove all dead skin. As a tip, you can go to any Starbucks and order the waste of coffee (compost) for free.

2. Honey and oats.

There is nothing better to have a face of envy. Mix half a cup of oatmeal with a little honey and massage for 5 minutes avoiding the part of the eyes, rinse with warm water and prepare to look in the mirror because you will not believe your new skin.

3. Vaseline and refined sugar.

Stir a little refined sugar with a tablespoon of Vaseline, spread the paste on your lips giving a light massage for five minutes. When finished only clean with a wet wipe. You will no longer have to envy those lips to Angelina Jolie.

4. Strawberries and olive oil.

The strawberries are perfect to combat acne, so crush five strawberries and add half a teaspoon of olive oil. Blend perfectly until a smooth paste is made, apply it to your face and massage for five minutes. At the end rinse with warm water. You will want to eat it!

5. Coconut oil and sea salt.

My favorite! Coconut oil has many properties that nourish your skin, mix the amount you consider necessary of coconut oil with a tablespoon of sea salt. Spread it all over your body with a light massage or a soft brush for 10 minutes before showering. You will finish smelling of the sea.

6. Mint and refined sugar.

It works super good to refresh your face. It is ideal if a day before you went to party, as it will purify your skin and prevent the appearance of pimples. Grind 10 mint leaves and mix perfectly with a little refined sugar until dissolved. To finish massage your face for five minutes and rinse with warm water. The freshness will come directly to you.

7. Cinnamon and honey.

Forget pimples and blackheads with this scrub. Mix three tablespoons of honey with a little cinnamon powder, apply it as a mask for five minutes and then massage lightly at the time of rinsing. When finishing no perfume you will need.

8. Orange and mashed sugar.

This mixture is the best way to start your day, you just need a cup of orange zest with a spoonful of mashed sugar. During the bath use it as a shower soap, starting today the soap will be replaced.

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