15 People who only had the task of looking sexy and failed terribly

There are people who simply were not born to be sexy.

Here we leave a sample:

1. I'm yours mommy.

2. It does not matter if my father's belly comes out, I'll take a selfie.

3. There are people that I just do not understand.

4. Childhood destroyed in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

5. Could someone tell you that apart from not being sexy, licking that gas pump is completely dangerous to your health?

6. The Japanese always surprising us.

7. I invite you to take a ride on my bike. Just you and me.

8. Well, at least I have to accept that it has good elasticity.

9. I will not be able to eat cold meats, or butter, or anything that is in super coolers.

10. MILF hunter. If you do not know the meaning, google it. Although I do not think it's necessary with such a cute heart-shaped swimsuit.

11. Amm, that's not how you should use the friend weights.

12. Some makeup courses would suit you.

13. If you really can not walk, there are electric chairs. Why use a cart as if you were a girl?

14. "Wet Dream" Eww!

15. I'll leave this here ...

Finally, another day in which we ended up surprised with people that we would never have believed existed.

Have a beautiful day!

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