14 Things you have to do with your partner at least once in your life

Life is extremely short to waste on nonsense, so if you have a special person by your side, do not let it go, live intensely and do things that leave beautiful memories for later.

Here are some things you should do more than once in your life.

1. Cooking together.

Cookies, a dessert, pasta, whatever! It is extremely fun to share these moments with your partner.

2. Eat in bed.

Do a marathon of movies, ask for pizza, do not stop all day, they are moments that stay in your memory forever.

3. Go to the beach.

Go to the beach just the two of you, it's super romantic and it will allow you to know yourself even more.

4. A long trip

Plan to leave for another country or state for a few weeks. Go backpack on your shoulder, do not plan so much, live adventures.

5. Live together.

Before legally committing to live together, it is a very enriching experience, so you will know if you want to make it official or not.

6. Getting drunk.

Only you two, get a board game, dance, sing, find out that there is nothing more fun than being together.

7. Extreme activities.

Parachutes, bungie, rapids, climbing, etc. When they are old they will have many things to remember.

8. Tell you secrets.

Tell him things that you have not told anyone, it will strengthen your confidence.

9. Walking in the rain.

Go out on a rainy day, get wet, jump in the puddles, pretend you're in a love movie.

10. Take naps.

Cuddle up and sleep together one day in the afternoon. Discover how nice it is to relax beside the loved one.

11. Venture in privacy.

Do new things, do not feel sorry for one another, keep the flame burning.

12. Personal arrangement.

Cut her hair, let her paint your nails, massage, put on masks, etc.

13. Have a pet.

A pet is a lifelong responsibility, if you already live together, there is no better way to commit, it will be like your first baby.

14. Exercise.

Make a meal plan, go to the gym together, set goals, stay active.

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