15 Things I HATE terribly about being a MAN

I see that many women complain about being women and that they have good points, but today I will do something that not many know. A list of things that really are not so nice to be a man.

1. If your beard does not grow well, it is terrible to have you shave every 2 days.

For men who are like me, that the beard does not grow proportionately well and it seems that they have alopecia in it, it is terrible to have to shave every 2 days, because if you do not you end up looking destitute.

2. When you are a pubertal, you do not control your body.

Ammm ... how to explain it without being vulgar? Let's say that when you go to high school and you are a virgin, for whatever your magical and best friend is excited and you have to take care that the teachers do not see you, if you do not want them to think you are a pervert.

3. The voice changes you and you listen like a turkey.

Oh and not only that, you hear a very serious voice for how small and stupid you look.

4. Our testosterone makes us commit stupidities.

I mean I do not know the reason, but by nature we are not such thinking beings, rather we are somewhat impulsive and end up doing things that can physically hurt us, for example it is common to see men fighting or playing heavy.

5. We are experts in falling into the Friendzone by nature.

It seems that many of us were born with the gift of being the "best friend" of that girl's life that we like. Unlike women, it is much easier to end up conquering the friend, we stay in that zone of gloom and desolation for life.

6. The girls do not fight over us to take us to their bed.

Unlike a woman who only has to raise her hand so that one goes drooling to her house, we have to do a whole bureaucratic process to get to that point.

7. We lose our hair.

I hate you bloody baldness, I hate you.

8. Minimum on the first date we are responsible to pay.

Let's face it, if a man does not pay on the first date is like signing your letter of resignation with that girl, I know many will say "Ay, what girls do you come out with?" And I'll tell you: with all kinds and by "education" one he has to pay even if the girl says "No, I give you money".

9. We always have to take the first step for everything.

We have to accept that it is much more common for a man to have to say: Do you want to go out with me? Will you be my girlfriend? Do you want to be my wife? What do you have? Are you angry?

10. We have to pay COVER.

When you go to a bar or den, women never pay cover to enter the place, instead a man has to pay about 200 Mexican pesos (17 Usd approximately) simply to be able to enter. Oh and of course, if we go a group of friends, they will never let us pass, as opposed to a group of women.

11. If we have a gay friend, your parents and friends automatically think that you are also gay.

Society is so far behind that you can not be seen walking down the street with a gay friend, because they automatically think that you are too. Do not tell the parents, they think you have hidden a double personality during all the years and that the brides you have had is to cover your true tastes.

12. If you want to divorce, you will always lose it.

According to the experience of dozens of men, going through a divorce is extremely difficult as many women always use an ace up their sleeve, which has to do with threatening them not to see their children again and still take away most of them. your money. An angry woman can be really dangerous.

13. If you want to fix yourself, you are automatically gay.

So simple and easy.

14. We can not respond with a blow to a woman, although she hit us.

If she hits you it's fine, but if you hit her back, you end up in jail and you're the worst HDP that ever existed.

15. There are times when we simply can not have sex.

Do not ask me why, but the one who runs with all the risk of being ridiculed is the man when in passion his friend does not respond as he would like. If the woman is cruel, she will begin to defame us.

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