11 Spooky Places You Would not Dare to Spend a Single Night!

There are abandoned places, buildings whose simple architecture and the passage of time has made them have a spooky image, houses, abandoned factories, haciendas etc.

Several of these places are owners of stories that have been transmitted by word of mouth, some are more credible than others; However, the simple act of thinking of spending the night in such a place causes chills. This is a list of places with paranormal activity that have been documented and science has not been able to explain it:

This house in Palm Beach County, Florida, was originally a funeral home. In the 1920s, the house became private property, the owner was Karl Riddle. José, one of the former employees of Karl who worked with him for more than 25 years sick with anemia, asked his boss both financially and morally, Mr. Karl heartily did not give him any of the two, a month and a half later José He died while working.

Different people who have inhabited the house throughout history, tell and agree that a man appears at night with a look of pain and resentment, even screams of anger are heard during the early hours of his anniversary mourning. Researchers of the paranormal agree on the aforementioned facts.

2. Helltown.

Helltown, located in the northern part of Summit County in Ohio, in the 1970s, the government bought several hectares of this wooded area, which led to the eviction of hundreds of people and unfortunately this led to the intervention of the public force killing to several innocents. Students who attend the well-known University of Stanford Road, who while walking in the forest feel observed, others say they have seen people dressed in another era vanish among the trees. The funny thing is that students from different generations have reported the same over the years.

3. Stull Cemetery.

Located in Kansas, it is a small rural town in Douglas County. In the 20th century the city experienced a tragic and terrible tragedy. A father was teaching how to burn the field in order to make it fertile for the next season of sowing, untimely the wind caused the grass to burn uncontrollably, which caused that both ran and lost in the immense field. The father tried to find his son who unfortunately died burned. Two weeks later the father hung himself from a tree and hanged himself in the same place where his son died. Peasants comment that you hear the heartrending cries of a father looking for his son and a child screaming in pain. It is commented that this field is one of the seven gates to hell. At the moment the part where this fact is related is a cemetery practically abandoned.

4. The Cordilleras (Psychiatric):

100 years ago it closed its doors, it was a psychiatric hospital where it is coemnta that patients were inhumanely martyrized, most of them due to their advanced disease were abandoned and condemned by both their families and those in charge of insane asylum. The patients who died were buried in the courtyard without any kind of honorable burial. It is one of them most visited by the curious for normal as the demonstrations are present as soon as the sun goes down. Shouts are heard, they are seen, shadows and it is said that the watchers of the place have seen people walking through the gardens, when they try to approach they vanish.

5. Humberstone.

They are two abandoned nitrate mines in Chile. In 1872, the city was founded as a mine and businesses prospered. After the Great Depression, the company refused to pay workers, offered to pay them with food, due to the bad economic situation of the time, most had to accept, in 1936 it was closed and this caused hundreds of workers and their families died of hunger. It is currently abandoned, the curious tell that the demonstrations are present all the time, there is an atmosphere of sadness and desolation.

6. LaNoria:

Abandoned village in Chile. The area was abandoned in 1950. Curiously, the adventurers who have dared to visit this site do not do it for more than one night, they say that the vibes and feelings of pain and sadness are very great.

7. Asylum Byberry:

In 1907, the State Hospital of Philadelphia, sheltered a large number of older adults, who had been forgotten by their families, soon exceeded the capacity, which led to chaos and the poor condition and inhumane treatment of the elderly. Due to the atrocious conditions had to close its doors and ceased to operate in 1960, years later it was demolished. In 2006, a modern hospital was built; however, doctors, security personnel, patients and visitors. They affirm that they feel presences. Even the security cameras have captured unexplained femémonos.

8. Leap Castle:

This Irish castle had a long and dreadful history. Two relatives (cousins) fought for years to see who would own the property. Unfortunately in one of the fights they had constantly one of them was killed in the chapel of the castle. 15 years later the murderer cousin died of leukemia. The castle was sold to a small family who inhabited the neglected castle, due to the multiple manifestations that were presented in the chapel every time they went to pray they chose to sell the property. The surprise is that the new family did the same for the same reasons.

9. The shadows of the Route of Death:

This road of New Jersey extends along seven miles of field, the light does not penetrate to the way due to the shadows that produce the trees. In 1990, along the way, hundreds of rolls of photographs were found. When they were printed, images of a woman lying on a kind of metal bed were shown, the woman observed herself consenting and smiling. It was investigated but it was never known who could have done this.

10. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum:

In Phnom Penh Cambodia, there is an institution known as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The old institute became, in 1975 it became a prison, this prison was known for torturing and murdering hundreds of prisoners. The ghosts of the nearly 17,000 victims of Tuol Sleng continue to roam the halls. It is one of the places with more ghosts in the world, there is even a tour that is charged for all lovers of the paranormal.

11. The Mines of Paris:

Under the streets of Paris, there are many empty tunnels, but they should not be confused with the catacombs of Paris, in the tunnels they are as much bones as of people, as of animals, there are paintings which make allusion to death and to the devil . Few know these passages because it is forbidden by the French government to carry out explorations in these tunnels, which have been closed. There are hundreds of stories from watchmen and people near the site.

All these places have something in common and that is that people who have lived at different times, who do not know each other, share the same experiences.

Has something similar happened to you?

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